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Tina Cross, born & educated in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is an alumna of Coe College with her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art. As an intern for Peter Max in New York City, Tina was inspired to become a fine artist.


After relocating to Phoenix, Arizona in 1995, she continued to create fine art and began to create her unique style. With a brilliant eye for color and form, all pieces are exposed texturally and expanded into full life.  Shape, line, contrast, and repetition come naturally for Tina, who has been drawing for as long as she can remember.  Influenced by her extensive travels throughout North America and Europe, Tina’s work is a diversity of styles and concepts. Tina now resides in fabulous Denver Colorado where you can view her works in her studio, downtown Denver Colorado.


In addition to being displayed in many homes world-wide, her work may be viewed and purchased at T. Cross Studios in Denver, tcrossstudios.com, coffee shops, and many galleries around the country.

Amanda Cross started painting professionally in Phoenix in the summer of 2002. As an Arizona State University alumna with a B.S. in Geography, she is inspired by the color and sounds of the ocean, the magic of places she has traveled frequently like Italia, Hawaii, NYC, SFO & Denver. People who own her work seem to share similar passions.  Amanda uses bold bright colors in her famous Flags and paints freely using spontaneous splatters. Her new series of work is inspired by Hawaiin Sunsets on various beaches throughout the islands.  

Amanda is co-owner, manage and webmaster of TCROSSSTUDIOS founded by Tina Cross. Amanda continues to paint in Tina's studio in Denver, CO. Her art can be found in galleries, coffee shops and in homes around the world.


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